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Storm Copper saves OEMs time and money by incorporating all fabrication processes under one roof.
OEM Copper Parts


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OEM Copper Parts
OEM Copper Parts
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Copper Bus Bar
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Laminated Bus Bar
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Copper Metal Distribution

Storm Copper offers full custom copper fabrication
plus the convenience of online shopping for
copper and other components, including standoff
insulators, ground rods and more.

Copper busbar and custom electrical connectors.

OEM Copper Parts • Copper Busbar • Copper Connectors

Four good reasons for you to request a quote to specify copper parts for custom fabrication:


A dedicated copper parts supplier, Storm Copper Components Co. ships 30,000 copper parts and connectors per day to OEMs worldwide. These custom copper parts are formed, punched, machined, stamped, electroplated and tested with the latest equipment and technology available.

1. Storm's huge inventory passes on factory-direct savings and ensures production flow.
Huge inventory of standard and metric copper ready to ship now.
Storm purchases copper in large volumes direct from the mill and passes this lower pricing on to our customers. With over one million pounds of copper inventory in standard and metric sizes, Storm has copper bar stock and sheet is in-stock NOW.
2. Storm's UNDER ONE ROOF production capability saves time and money.
Storm has total control over its copper part manufacturing process to insure the ability to respond quickly to customer delivery needs. Whether it is precision machining, electro-plating, stamping or silk screening; Storm Copper does all this work in house, reducing costs and lead time.
  CNC machinery used to fabricate custom copper components for OEMs.
3. Quality assurance technology from design to prevents errors and cost overruns.
Storm Copper is dedicated to Quality Assurance Technology and has equipped its staff with technologies such as the Faro Arm Platinum to provide copper parts that meet exacting specifications. Storm's testing equipment employs the latest standard for OEM copper parts fabrication.
  Testing equipment - technology used by Storm Copper for Quality Assurance in OEM copper parts.
4. Storm Copper has built a culture of customer support to streamline production.
Storm design experts working hand in hand with OEM engineers.

Storm's responsive support staff offers a remarkable depth of product knowledge combined with an understanding of customer needs. If Storm finds any issues while manufacturing your custom copper part.

Storm's quality assurance managers and engineers will take the time to discuss this issue with you well before the delivery date, and then makes sure your custom copper parts meet mutually agreed upon tolerances.

Whether you need just a few copper parts or thousands of copper parts, Storm handles each order with care. Your order, no matter how big or small will always meet Storm's extreme quality and processing standards.



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