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Storm Copper saves OEMs time and money by incorporating all fabrication processes under one roof.
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Storm Copper Components has invested in the global marketplace by expanding its copper inventory to include metric copper bar, sheet as well as tooling.

Though Storm has produced copper electrical connectors for OEM’s in metric-dimensioned copper for over a decade, the company believes that expanding its inventory and metric capabilities is the best way to invest in the future.

To meet this challenge, Storm has amassed the largest inventory of metric sized copper bar stock in North America.

This huge inventory gives tremendous flexibility to turn around metric copper connectors in a cost and time efficient manner.

 “Storm has tons of metric copper on its shelves, 25-30 different profiles of copper bar stock that we can draw from to enable us to save our customers money as well as time. This means we can help OEMs cut cost by giving them the option of using the correct size of copper bar stock, and not forcing them to pay for excess copper,” according Storm Co-Owner, Dan Kitts.


He explained, “1/4 x 4” is available from many sources, and comes close to 6 mm x 100 mm, but 100 mm is just a little less than 4”. When you consider that labor generally runs 10% of a product’s cost and materials around 58%, using stock that is wider, thicker or longer than necessary can mean charging for excess copper, an unnecessary cost penalty from Storm’s point of view.”

In addition to Storm’s massive inventory of raw metric dimensioned copper bar and sheet, the company is equipped with the machinery and tooling necessary to drill, punch and notch copper bar stock to exacting metric tolerances. And by having the resources in place, there is no need for OEM’s to encounter a metric surcharge.

Many of Storm’s customers are OEM’s who already produce equipment designed around European metric standards. The transition from metric dimensioned components to American standards can also pose additional challenges in retesting and certifying equipment. This can add dramatically to the cost of moving a European designed power system to North American production facilities.



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